Federal prosecutors in Yukon are appealing sentences handed out recently for violent assaults.

The two cases have set new benchmarks for aggravated assault convictions in the Yukon.

In the first case, a Burwash Landing man, 35-year-old Corey Pope, was pounding on doors late one night at the Destruction Bay Lodge. When visiting physician Graham Henderson tried to calm Pope, the elderly doctor was knocked unconscious with one punch.

Henderson said he suffered memory loss and has a $20,000 dental bill.

Prosecutors wanted Pope locked up for two years, but he was sentenced to three months.

In the second case, 35-year-old Kevin Frisch is also serving a three month sentence for a drunken assault on a Whitehorse cab driver. Witnesses testified that Frisch punched and kicked the downed taxi driver long after he'd fallen unconscious.

Appeals filed recently for both cases claim the sentences are unfit. There's no word on when the appeals will be heard.

Frisch and Pope are eligible for release later this month.