Yukon energy rate hearings wrap up

The Yukon Utilities Board wrapped up its public hearings on the proposed rate increase requested by Yukon Energy.

No one argued against 13 per cent rate hike

The Yukon Utilities Board has wrapped up public hearings on the rate increase requested by Yukon Energy.

No interveners argued against the 13 per cent rate hike, but many questioned the energy corporation's diesel emergency fund and the money spent investigating future projects.

"That's fine, but there will be no money in it and down the road we have a big spike in terms of water loss that we'll have to come back and find another solution to. But at some point somebody is going to have to pay," said David Morrison, the president of Yukon Energy.

Morrison said Yukon Energy rates are still the lowest in the North.

The utilities board has already given temporary approval for half the rate increase requested.

If the full 13 per cent is approved, it should show up on Yukon power bills in the New Year.