The Yukon Wildlife Preserve has donated a young male Rocky Mountain goat kid to the Calgary Zoo.

The 115-pound goat, aptly named Yukon, will join two older female goats at the zoo.

Zoo officials say the goat is an important addition for the Calgary Rocky Mountain goats’ gene pool.

"This little guy is first-generation captive-born on his sire’s side, and only a few generations on his dam’s side, making him a really valuable addition to the captive population," said Calgary Zoo area curator Jamie Dorgan.

Dorgan said Yukon’s father, Geronimo, was an orphan kid from the Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter in Smithers, B.C.

The zoo had an understanding with the Yukon Wildlife Preserve that they could eventually get one of Geronimo’s offspring, since most captive Rocky Mountain goats in North America are related to the stock at the Calgary Zoo.

Little Yukon was transported to Calgary courtesy of Air North.

Calgary Zoo officials say Yukon has been able to settle into his new home and can be seen in the Rocky Mountain section of the zoo’s Canadian Wilds exhibit.