Yukon curler thanks club with banner

Yukon junior curler Thomas Scoffin has given his banner from the Youth Olympics to the Whitehorse Curling Club.
Thomas Scoffin has donated the banner from his medal-winning performance at the Youth Olympics to the Whitehorse Curling Club. (CBC)

Yukon junior curler Thomas Scoffin has given a memento from his international bronze-medal win to the Whitehorse Curling Club.

Scoffin said giving his banner to the club his way of saying thanks for helping him reach the top ranks of junior curling.

Scoffin skipped the Canadian team this past January to a bronze medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria. He's giving the banner that came with the medal to the Whitehorse club.

"I really wanted to say thank you and kind of recognize the Whitehorse Curling Club as the place I grew up and developed as a competitive curler and turned my career into something that I feel is pretty special," he said.

"All the way from coaches to parents to friends, family, other members of the club, icemakers, sports psychologists, all of it, pretty special how many people are helping me out."

The president of the curling club, Mark Evans, said the banner is much appreciated.

"We'll hang this very proudly in the club. I think what it illustrates is that with training, hard work and the support of everything that the club can offer, every curler can reach international level, just as you have," Evans told Scoffin.

Scoffin begins a new phase in his life this fall, when he moves to Edmonton to go to university.

He said competitive curling will remain a big part of his life, and he hopes to represent Canada again at international meets.