The former president of the Yukon Humane Society has been fined 500 dollars, and barred from sitting on public boards for 2 years. A territorial judge says Shelley Cuthbert violated public trust when she took control of the Mae Bachur animal shelter.

Cuthbert's time running the Mae Bachur animal shelter produced a year of acrimony for the volunteer board and financial hardship for the operations. It culminated with a court order last year forcing Cuthbert to quit.

This morning Judge Karen Ruddy ruled Cuthbert's defence, "that it was her lawyers fault," no defence.

She questioned Cuthbert's credibility, characterizing her testimony as bizarre, argumentative, and contradictory. Ruddy ruled Cuthbert's actions — denying memberships, and ignoring government orders — a violation of public trust that threatened the viability of the animal shelter.

Cuthbert says all her money currently goes into the 68 dogs she keeps at her Tagish rescue centre.

Still, Judge Ruddy says Cuthbert's actions deserve denunciation.

She's ordered the fine paid as a donation to the Mae Bachur shelter.

Cuthbert refused to comment outside the courtroom saying she's already been misquoted too much.