Yukon lands officials have won a court order aimed at a problem squatter in the Whitehorse area.

The Yukon Supreme Court order targets a man and his daughter camping at Scout Lake. But authorities hope it will discourage others from copying his tactics.

Over the last three years, Piotr Kijewski, 50, and his teenage daughter have been living at a variety of bush camps around Whitehorse.

He calls it camping but government lands authorities consider them squatters, as they are illegally occupying crown land. Every time he's evicted, Kijewski just moves his camp.

Poitr Kijewski camp near Scout Lake Yukon

Piotr Kijewski is now barred from returning to his most recent camp site at Scout Lake, pictured here, or camping on any other crown land in the territory. (Courtesy Government of Yukon )

Lands Director Colin McDowell says the order makes camping illegal if you don't have a fixed Yukon address.

Any person not having a permanent residence in the Yukon is unable to set up a tent camp or trailer on territorial lands and use that shelter as a place of residence, and that's the emphasis on the place of residence," says McDowell.

He says the order will not affect camping rights of Yukon residents or tourists. 

Additional orders bar Kijewski from returning to his last campsite at Scout Lake, or any other crown land in the territory.

Lands officials believe he is currently living with friends in Whitehorse. He told authorities he moved closer to town this winter so his daughter would have better access to school buses.