The Yukon Government is considering changes to dissuade "extra-long-term" parking at the Erik Neilsen International Airport in Whitehorse.

Parking at the airport's lot costs $1.50 a day — the lowest airport parking fee in the country — and there's no limit to how long you can park.

That leaves people looking for parking spaces driving in circles.

"I've seen all these cars and they seemed to be parked here continually," says resident Joe Pollack.

This winter officials counted more than 50 vehicles in the lot with expired plates or no plates at all — some even appear to be abandoned all together. 

"Right now there's no incentive not to [park]," says Allan Nixon with Yukon's Department of Highways and Public Works. "It's cheaper to park at the airport for a month than it is to take a cab."

The government says it's looking into regulatory changes, possibly a limit on longer term stays, rules to allow vehicles to be towed more easily, and higher fees.