The Yukon government is contributing $1 million to replace the aging slot machines at Diamond Tooth Gerties, the popular gambling hall in Dawson City.

The one-time contribution is going to the Klondike Visitors Association.

Slot machines

A row of slot machines at Diamond Tooth Gerties gambling hall in Dawson City, Yukon. The territorial government gets 25 per cent of slot machine revenues. (KVA)

Gary Parker, executive director of the KVA, says it's time to bring the machines up to date.

"As the Canadian government has released new currency — polymer bills — our slot machines have been increasingly unable to accept that currency."

Parker says the new machines will be computer-based and will use tickets instead of currency.

The Yukon government receives 25 per cent of the revenue from slot machines at Diamond Tooth Gerties. The Klondike Visitors Association says slot machine revenue is directed to the Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust Fund.