The Yukon government is making it easier for seniors to qualify for social housing, in part by capping rental rates.

The Yukon Housing Corp. has set rent at 25 per cent of a senior's income, but it has now set a maximum rent so seniors do not pay more than average.

The housing corporation is also enabling seniors to apply for subsidized housing even if they have significant financial assets.

"In the past, applicants could not have more than $100,000 in assets if they wanted to apply to the Yukon Housing Corp. It became evident that this policy might be — and, in fact, was — an impediment to seniors," Jim Kenyon, the minister responsible for the housing corporation, told reporters in Whitehorse on Monday.

"As a result, the Yukon Housing Corp. board of directors has removed that asset restriction for seniors applying to the Yukon Housing Corp."

Kenyon added, however, that the waiting list for subsidized housing will be prioritized so those with the fewest financial resources will be given the first available units.