Many of the buildings owned by the Yukon government haven't been inspected in years, but the government says now it's come up with a new system to assess the condition of its buildings.

The government owns nearly 500 buildings but fewer than 100 have been inspected since 2007.

In a 2007 report, the auditor general of Canada pointed out that regular inspections were not being done. Five years later, the auditor general again highlighted the problem, saying progress was slow.

Whitehorse's Beringia Centre was just inspected last year. There were no major problems, except for a deteriorating roof and some faulty doors.

"I think we've captured a building that is in fairly good condition," said Yukon's building program manager Phil Christensen. "It's at that stage in its life when you're going to see some major system upgrades necessary."

Scott Milton, Yukon's director of property management, says there's finally a system in place and it took time to come up with a good inspection system.

"We feel that the approach that we're taking is both highly comprehensive and is very much state of the art and is consistent with what is being done — and proven — in other jurisdictions."

Milton says 130 Whitehorse buildings will be inspected this year and the rest should be done in another year or two.