Yukon Arts Centre

The Yukon Arts Centre is making plans to install a $250,000 new sound system.

Duncan Sinclair has been busy making plans to replace the Yukon Art Centre's 25-year-old sound system. He's the chair of the Yukon's Arts Foundation.

"Think record players and eight tracks to digital surround sound that can be customized to every seat in the house," Sinclair says. "The world has changed."

Right now, the sound experience varies widely in the 428-seat theatre, depending on where you sit, says Al Cushing, CEO of the Yukon Arts Centre.

"If you sit on the right or the left the performers appear to be over in the corner of the stage not in the centre because you are right in front of a speaker cluster and that is where the sound is coming from," he says. 

The new sound system is estimated cost is about $250 thousand. The fundraising goal is $90 thousand. The rest of the money will come from grants.