The Ted Harrison retreat near Whitehorse has inspired artists from as far away as Japan but financial troubles and declining support is putting the facility in jeopardy.

The Ted Harrison Artist Retreat Society says it needs money to operate the retreat, which was set up by the renowned artist at Crag Lake in 2003.

Artists Lawrie Crawford and Jeanine Baker are part of a group working to get the facility back on track.

"People have retired, have moved away so it’s really time to get new blood on the board and a fresh energy in order to do the heavy lifting that's required to run a non-profit," said Baker.

Funding requests to the Yukon and federal governments have been denied. Baker said they didn’t quite fit all the criteria for certain funding.

The work of previous artists in residence and local artists was displayed at an open house Labour Day weekend. Its goal was to attract new board members and garner enough support to keep Ted Harrison's vision alive.