Part of a new government facility in Whitehorse is being undone before it's even complete.

The territorial government is constructing what it calls an "arrest processing unit." The facility comes from a recommendation after Raymond Silverfox died in police custody in 2008.

The facility has been called an important step to help police and hospitals deal with intoxicated people. It’s meant to be a space to determine where people should go upon arrest.

However, the facility's design was changed after construction began.


The new facility will be attached to the Whitehorse Correctional Centre. (CBC)

According to the Department of Justice, a heated concrete slab has already been poured. It would fit the original plans for a  a facility 305 squares metres in size. However the government's newly-revised plans call for the facility to be 215 square metres.

The opposition calls this an example of poor planning.

"Since this new concrete slab is heated, and the new construction will not cover the current slab, the government will now have to redo the entire heating system as you cannot heat the slab, as you cannot heat outside of the building envelope," said Lois Moorcroft, MLA for Copperbelt South.

The government said construction was starting to go off budget, so they had to step in and change the plans.

"Over the last year, working with the Department of Public Works and Justice, we have conducted a review of the scope and the design of the arrest processing unit which is to be attached to the Whitehorse Correctional Centre," said Mike Nixon, the Yukon Justice Minister.

"I believe this is a very responsible approach from this government. We didn't want that construction getting out of hand and we want to move ahead in a fiscally responsible manner."

The government said it will issue details on the new plan soon. The government is also expected to release a new estimate on when the building will be complete.