Yukon announces review of roadside hunting

Yukon government announces review of roadside hunting after grizzly killing in southern lakes region.

Review comes in wake of shooting of grizzly and could take two years for changes

This grizzly was shot legally along Tagish Road last month.

The Yukon Government has ordered a public review of the hunting regulations for roadside wildlife.

The move is expected to address public concerns about a recent shooting of a grizzly bear along the Tagish Road near Carcross, in the southern lakes region of the territory.

Harvey Jessup chairs the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board.

He says the review has been in the works ever since a similar incident two years ago on the nearby Atlin Road.

"We think that this is important enough an issue that we should be looking at it from a territory-wide perspective and we could address everyone’s interest in terms of hunting along roads and opportunities to view wildlife along roads."

Jessup said an advisory group will be working on a plan for public consultations this month.

He says the policies have been up for review ever since the board rejected a bear protection policy for the Atlin Road two years ago.

"If our recommendation for the Atlin road was different it wouldn't have helped this particular bear on the Tagish Road. And that’s the point that we are trying to make. We don't want to come at this piece meal. If we are going to address hunting along road corridors and the opportunities wildlife along roads present for wildlife viewing, let’s do it. Let’s do it territory wide." He said.

He says if all goes as planned, the group could have recommendations for new hunting rules ready for government by next spring.

Short of government intervention, he says, the process could take until 2015 to have new hunting regulations implemented.