Ring in November with your best photos of the week from Northwest Territories, Yukon, Nunavut, and Nunavik, including plenty of aurora shots and one overly friendly fox.

Here are your best photos of the week from across the North:

Melissa Croskery

Melissa Croskery admitted she was caught by surprise when this visitor walked right up to her front door. 'This was our morning visitor. He came right up to the door where I was kneeling to take a photo!' She wrote, submitting this shot to our CBC Yukon Facebook page. (Submitted by Melissa Croskery)

Manny Noble

In flight delight! Manny Noble caught this beautiful scene while on his way back to Iqaluit, Nunavut from Arctic Bay. (Submitted by Manny Noble)

Aaron Tambour

Spectacular fall colours light this shot of the Hay River, N.W.T. reserve, sent to us by Aaron Tambour. (Submitted by Aaron Tambour)

Greg Ningeocheak

A stunning reflection: Greg Ningeocheak captured this shot while out boating near Coral Harbour, Nunavut. (Submitted by Greg Ningeocheak)

Jennifer Ningiuk

Curious pair! Jennifer Ningiuk snapped this shot of a couple of polar bears near Grise Fiord, Nunavut. (Submitted by Jennifer Ningiuk)

Klein Yannick

Aurora magic. Klein Yannick sent this great reminder of what makes winter nights in the North so special to our CBC Yukon page. (Submitted by Klein Yannick)

Roderick Yallee

Now that's a gorgeous sunrise! Roderick Yallee took this shot in Tulita, N.W.T. (Submitted by Roderick Yallee)

Sylvain Paradis

The full moon lights up the skies over Inukjuaq, Nunavik, creating a haunting scene in this shot by Sylvain Paradis. (Submitted by Sylvain Paradis)