Winter is here, and the weather phenoma of the season - from sundogs to aurora - highlight your best photos from across the territories, along with some major hunting milestones.

Here are your best photos from the last two weeks from Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon:

Pamela Perez Arualak

There is nothing like the feeling of catching your first fish! Pamela Perez Arualak sent this photo of Paul Kavik Kaludjak-Tanuyak with his first Arctic char, caught outside of Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. She says Paul's just turning three later this week. (Submitted by Pamela Perez Arualak)

Andrea Magee

The aurora put on a show this weekend across Yukon, including in Dawson City, as captured in this majestic shot from Andrea Magee. (Submitted by Andrea Magee)

Andrew Paul Beaverho

Now that's a sundog shot! Andrew Paul Beaverho took this beautiful photo just outside Mazi Community School, sending it to our CBC NWT Facebook page. (Submitted by Andrew Paul Beaverho)

Bruce Binder

Incredible blues (and a photo-bombing tree) fill the frame in this amazing aurora shot from Bruce Binder, who took it in the Yukon's Kluane region. (Submitted by Bruce Binder)

Darcy Qamaniq

Out on the hunt! Darcy Qamaniq sent us this shot of 15-year-old Travis Kines from Arctic Bay, Nunavut, who caught his first seal through ice. (Submitted by Darcy Qamaniq)

Gail Beaulieu

Snow! Gail Beaulieu says her grandson, Lukas Miersch, is "loving the early November snowfalls and snow piles" in Fort Resolution, N.W.T. (Submitted by Gail Beaulieu)

Ivan Sundby

'The Spirit of Frost was on Grey Mountain today as frost crystals in the air backlit by the sun brought a bit of winter magic to the mountain,' writes Ivan Sundby, who sent us this snowglobe scene from outside Whitehorse. (Submitted by Ivan Sundby)

Jordanne Amos

'I wanted to share with CBC North a photo that I took in Cape Dorset [Nunavut], at around 3:30 pm when the sun was just about to set,' wrote Jordanne Amos. 'I found it quite heart warming and lovely. Maybe others will too.' (Submitted by Jordanne Amos)

Miriam Cook

Close encounters! Miriam Cook sent us this amazing photo from Churchill, Manitoba, where a curious bear walked up to her truck. (Submitted by Miriam Cook)

Nicky Lynn Richards

Folks in Norman Wells, N.W.T. were treated to an incredible show last week - a beautiful night of aurora, while ice crystals over the community added amazing light pillars! Nicky Lynn Richards sent us this amazing shot. (Submitted by Nicky Lynn Richards)

Nora Pameolik

Passing on the skills: here's Chris and Richard Pameolik - father teaching son how to set traps near Coral Harbour, Nunavut. (Submitted by Nora Pameolik)