A group of young Inuit got the chance to show off their talents to Princess Anne during her recent visit to Ottawa.

On Tuesday, her royal highness met with kids and parents at the Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre.

Karen Baker Anderson is the centre's executive director.

During the visit, two young Inuit girls did throat singing dressed in traditional amautis.

And Anderson says seeing what one of the little girls did next was a highlight of her twenty years at the centre.

Young Inuit girls throatsinging

Nevaeh Okalik abd Mya Arngna’naaq-Boyer demonstrate traditional Inuit throatsinging for Princess Anne at the Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre. (Canadian Heritage)

"She had on a princess dress underneath her amauti and when she was finished throat singing for Her Royal Highness she stood up and flashed everyone her princess dress and said 'Look, I'm a princess too!'"

Anderson says the experience of speaking Inuktitut in front of Princess Anne will likely stay with the students for a long time.

And she says having a place like the Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre allows youth to find pride in being Inuit.