The lack of recent snow in Yellowknife means all the lakes are clear, smooth sheets of ice, luring skaters.

Although some of the smaller lakes have ice thick enough to walk or skate on, the city's fire chief is warning residents that not all lakes are safe.

About 30 to 40 people were out skating in Yellowknife Bay on Monday, but Hernblad says no one should be out on Yellowknife Bay yet as the ice there is only about 11.5 centimetres thick. The recommended thickness is 15 centimetres.

"We would like to recommend to people if they want to get out and do some activities on the ice like skating or whatever, that they look at the city's website and use the lakes that have already reached six inches (15 centimetres)." 

He says, as ice conditions can vary, people should look at cracks in the ice. Be prepared in case you or someone with you falls in by bringing along an ice pick, a flotation device and a whistle.

The city says Range Lake, Frame Lake and Back Bay all meet the required thickness.