While many Northerners were debating whether to go online or to a local store for their Christmas shopping, one Yellowknifer turned to her recycling bin.

Pop can ornament

When you make them yourself, each ornament is unique. (CBC)

At the coffee table in her living room in her Yellowknife home, Bhreagh Ingarfield cuts off the top and bottom of a pop can. Then, she tears along the edge of the can, leaving a curled strip of aluminum.

It's only the beginning of this year's Christmas project.

Ingarfield is using old pop cans to decorate her tree — and to give away as gifts.

Pop can ornament

Ingarfield has given some ornaments away, and even sold a few. (CBC)

“There's so much stuff that we throw away as garbage,” Ingarfield says, “I found this was a great way to also put off going to the recycling depot.”

Years ago in high school, Ingarfield used whole cans to decorate her tree. At the time, she couldn't afford store-bought decorations.

“This year, I wanted something a little bit nicer, but still kind of weird that people wouldn't see on a Christmas tree."

Some ornaments are shaped like the sun, with many shiny rays.

Others look like jellyfish, with wispy trails of aluminum at the bottom.

Ingarfield have given some of her ornaments away as gifts, and even sold a few.