Yellowknifer pranks telephone scammer

When a man telephoned Benji Straker and said he was from a Windows Service Centre and needed to access his computer remotely, the Mac user decided to have a little fun.

Mac owner Benji Straker records conversation with man from 'Windows Service Centre'

Yellowknifer Benji Straker recorded his conversation with a telephone scammer who said he was from a Windows Service Centre and posted it on YouTube. (YouTube)

Yellowknifer Benji Straker took one telescammer for a ride recently.

Telescammers are people who call your home hoping to gain access to your private details, like your bank account information.

The scammer telephoned Straker from what appeared to be a local number. He said he was from a Windows Service Centre and that he needed Straker's information to access his computer remotely.

Straker, who has an Apple computer and doesn't use Windows, decided to have a little fun and began recording his conversation with the man. (Caution: the video contains foul language.)

"I'm not a computer guy, but he's trying to get me to do some sort of command on my keyboard which I don't have because he said I was on a PC. I was on a Mac, so I didn't have the Windows button he was saying, so I told him I pressed it.

"Then he asked me what I saw on the screen and I just told him the truth and said 'Logs,' because my desktop background is just logs."

Straker called the RCMP to report the call. The RCMP told Straker they'd had five other calls that day reporting the same scam.