A Yellowknife woman is on a hunt to find her grandmother's lost diary.

Ashley Fowlow says the diary disappeared when her family moved about six years ago.

“It was in one of the boxes that got left behind. Probably about three or four months later, someone found it here at the Yellowknife dump and tried to get in contact with our family,” Fowlow says.

Fowlow has been posting ads around town hoping to track it down. She only has four photos of her grandmother, Leah Randall, who grew up in Newfoundland.

In her late teens, Randall wrote in the diary about a boat trip from St. John's to northern Newfoundland.

“It definitely tells me that she was adventurous, she wanted to travel, she wanted to see life outside of her community, which I take pride in knowing,” Fowlow says.

Randall passed away 23 years ago. Fowlow says the family kept her diary safe, until the hectic day they moved away from Yellowknife. Some boxes were accidentally left behind and ended up at the dump.

Somebody found the diary there and tried to find Fowlow’s family, but didn’t have any luck. She’s trying to find that person by posting ads online and in the newspaper.

“I was also quite young when my grandmother passed away, so I think it's just a way to find out who she was, what did she write about, what was life like for her.”