A woman who lives in Yellowknife has filed a complaint against the RCMP alleging they discriminated against her and refused to take her concerns about her safety seriously.

Celine V. Mantla was at work at a mine when she heard her boyfriend and roommate had been partying for days in the apartment she pays for. She was worried about getting evicted and came home early from the mine to deal with the problem.

She says she called the police because her boyfriend was threatening her.

"I was kind of scared," she said.

She says the party inside was out of hand but alleges the three officers who responded to the call were not helpful and dismissed her concerns.

"He was really, really rude to me," she says. "And I started crying."

Mantla admits she told dispatch her boyfriend had a weapon, which he didn't, and she yelled at police.

But she says the RCMP believed her boyfriend when he claimed to be on the lease for the apartment, and the officers told her to find somewhere else to stay.

"Then they said, 'the next time you call us again, we're not going to help you no more. We're going to charge you and put you away.' That's the way they were talking to me."

Mantla says that night she put a two by four behind her door because she was worried that no one would respond if she felt threatened again.‚Äč

She says the way she was treated reminded her of being in residential school.

"Just because I'm an aboriginal person ... they shouldn't be treating aboriginal people like that."

The RCMP says the Yellowknife detachment's professional standards unit is investigating the complaint. They won't comment until the investigation is complete.