Grace Lake South

The City of Yellowknife has approved, in principle, a plan to develop 80 lots in a new residential area on the southern side of Grace Lake. It will hold an open house June 12 to hear what the public has to say on issues like lot size and water access. (City of Yellowknife)

The City of Yellowknife is holding an open house Thursday to hear what the public thinks of its plan for 80 new lots and a golf course on the south side of Grace Lake.

Construction has been underway on the north side of the lake for the past two years, where large estate-sized lots sold for between $100,000 and $150,000.

“What we've found is that Grace Lake waterfront development provides a really unique niche for a certain sector of the population,” says Jeff Humble, the city’s director of planning.

Similar to the development on the north side of Grace Lake, the proposed plans don't include water and sewer infrastructure, but the city says adding that infrastructure is something it will consider.

The city passed a motion approving a lease for the golf course in April, and has approved the lot development plan in principle.

Now it wants to hear from residents about the trail system, water access, lot sizes and the phasing of the development.

Councillor Niels Konge opposed

At least one city councillor is unhappy with the plans. 

Niels Konge, owner of Konge Construction, which builds homes and multiplex residential units, wants to see diversity in housing developments in the city.

“There's been no real opportunities for other developers to build themselves up to be able to offer a 50 house development."

The open house takes place from 7 to 9 p.m. on June 12.