Yellowknife metered parking map

A map showing the proposed areas for metered parking in downtown Yellowknife. (City of Yellowknife)

Yellowknife city councillors have voted in favour of adding more parking meters in downtown Yellowknife.

The plan is to install around 150 new meters this year on 48th, 51st and 52nd streets, and up to 175 new meters on 46th, 47th and 53rd streets.

Councillor Neils Konge says businesses have asked for more meters.

"This council has been very vocal about saying the City of Yellowknife has to support businesses, and one way of supporting businesses is to ensure their customers can park in relative proximity to their businesses."

Konge wants business owners in the areas with no meters currently to be given first priority with the installations.

A city report says the pay parking expansion will increase revenue by almost $134,000 this year and up to $153,000 next year.