A person stole several items from a downtown Yellowknife convenience store, only to return them the next day after the store's owner contacted one of the suspect's relatives.

At around 6:15 p.m. Thursday a clerk at Sunline Convenience Store on Franklin Avenue called RCMP to report a theft.

According to police, two women and a man entered the convenience store. The man went to the rear of the store while the two women stayed in the front, The women began to argue, distracting the clerk.

After they left, the clerk checked the back of the store and found a sealskin jacket was missing, as well as three sealskin pelts and three fur hats.

Store owner Phanh Huynh said he knew one of the suspects so he contacted a member of her family and asked that the merchandise be returned.

The woman brought back all the items that had been taken and Huynh said he will not press charges.