A 13-year-old Yellowknife girl has died, almost a week after she consumed an unknown substance — possibly an illicit drug — and was put on life support as a result.

Yellowknife RCMP confirmed the teen died Thursday afternoon in an Edmonton hospital. They have not released her name.

Police found the girl unresponsive in her Yellowknife home around 3:15 a.m. MT Saturday, after she had taken "an unknown substance," according to an RCMP news release from earlier this week.

She was taken to Stanton Territorial Hospital, then medevaced to Edmonton.

RCMP investigators have said illegal drugs may have made the girl ill, although they continue to investigate the cause of her condition.

On Tuesday, police issued a warning to youth about the risks of taking illicit drugs.

Police continue to investigate the incident, and are asking anyone with information to come forward.