The mother of a Yellowknife teen who died this week following a skateboarding accident is calling on people to wear helmets.

Jackie Hardy's son Josh, 18, was skateboarding along the Frame Lake Trail earlier this week when he fell off his board and fractured his skull.

He was medevaced to a hospital in Edmonton but never recovered. On Thursday night, he was pronounced brain dead.

His mother said a helmet may not have prevented the accident, but it could have saved his life.

"I really want people to start thinking when they're biking, snowboarding, quading, skateboarding, anything of that sort where there can be any kind of speed or any possible way of flipping off of it, to wear a helmet. It could be a matter of life or death."

Jackie Hardy said her son Josh was outgoing and had a "very big sense of humour." He enjoyed music — he sang and was learning the guitar and had played in St. Patrick High School's concert and jazz bands.

Josh aspired to become a financial advisor.

In the summer after his Grade 12 year, he could often be found zipping around Yellowknife on his long board.

"He had had a few tumbles and we warned him, next time we may not be so lucky," his mother said. "And unfortunately that next time came."

Josh’s organs were donated. His mother says in that way, he's still helping people.

"We may be upset but there's going to be seven people out there, and seven people's families, that he brought a second chance to," he said.

The family is preparing to hold a funeral in Edmonton next week.

They say there will also be a celebration of his life in Yellowknife in early August.