The City of Yellowknife and Habitat for Humanity NWT are teaming up to build more affordable homes in the capital.

City council approved a motion last night to enter into a 10-year partnership with the organization.

Every two years, the city will either donate a lot or provide the funding for Habitat to purchase a lot to build on.

“Affordable housing has been a big priority for the city and city council for a few years now,” says Yellowknife Mayor Mark Heyck.

He says there was some discussion a few years ago about the city creating its own affordable housing organization. Then the NWT chapter of Habitat for Humanity was founded in 2011.

“If we can support them and partner with them then that will help us meet our goals of more affordable housing,” Heyck says.

The group's first two homes were completed late last year on a lot in Niven Lake subdivision.

The non-profit organization paid the local improvement charges on that lot, while the city covered the rest.