A Yellowknife woman and her brother have filed a complaint against five Yellowknife RCMP officers, alleging the officers kicked open their apartment door and unlawfully arrested them.

Jackie Strong, 18, said she had just gotten home when the police knocked on her apartment door, saying they were responding to a domestic abuse call.

She said they were sober and there hadn’t been any fighting. Her brother, who asked not to be named, asked to see a warrant, and that’s when she said the police kicked open the door.


Jackie Strong, 18, and her brother have filed a complaint against the Yellowknife RCMP. She says they broke down her apartment door and unlawfully arrested her and her brother. (CBC)

She said five officers ran in and tackled her brother.

"And I can see three RCMP members on top of my brother just hitting him," she said.

Strong said two female officers stayed in the living room. Strong asked two friends who were there to use their cell phones to record the incident. Strong said that’s when the police turned their attention to her.

"They told me I'm under arrest, so I put my hands behind my back. They put the cuffs on me and then they start twisting my arms up. And I said ‘ow stop please you know my hands are behind my back’."

Strong and her brother were arrested and spent the night in jail. Both received injuries. No charges were laid, so they filed a complaint.

"I respect police officers but when they start doing this — that's when the line is crossed," said Strong.

The RCMP say the matter is under investigation.