The Salvation Army in Yellowknife is handing out its Christmas food hampers on Monday, and children of the families in need are supposed to get toys, too. 

But so far, the Salvation Army doesn't have any to give.

Stacey Van Metre

Stacey Van Metre of the Salvation Army in Yellowknife hopes people will continue to donate to the organization, especially following the Christmas season (CBC)

"Last year we actually had an abundance of toys that we were using this year, but that's absolved at this point," said Stacey Van Metre, the coordinator for community services at the Salvation Army. "We have nil. We have no toys left to actually match with the families.

"I asked for a deadline for Dec. 3 for toys, so I'm assuming maybe people thought it was too late to donate. But it's definitely not too late. We are definitely very, very short of toys for 50-60 families."

People can donate unwrapped toys to the Salvation Army in Yellowknife all next week.