Spouses of RCMP officers in Yellowknife have organized a community vigil Tuesday morning in memory of the officers who were killed last week in Moncton, N.B.

Organizers plan to release 100 white balloons to symbolize hope and community peace, then three blue ones for the slain officers.

"The RCMP nationwide is just one big family," said Jenna Long, one of the organizers of the vigil, whose husband is an RCMP officer at the Yellowknife detachment.

"We all transfer; we all know members from coast to coast. This doesn't just impact the Moncton detachment or the province of New Brunswick, this really impacts every officer and every family associated with the RCMP."

Long also wants people to show their appreciation for the officers who risk their lives daily.

"They are the ones that go into situations that everyone else is running from, and I think it's really important to remember that those members had families and they gave their lives to protect their city."

Across Canada, spouses of RCMP have asked the public to wear red on Tuesday to show support for officers and their families.

The Yellowknife ceremony will be at 9:30 a.m. at the RCMP detachment on 49 Avenue.

The regimental funeral for the three officers will be held in Moncton at 1 p.m. AT/10 a.m. MT.

Elsewhere in the N.W.T., Inuvik RCMP will hold a memorial service at the detachment at 3 p.m.

Nunavut officers to attend funeral

The incident has also deeply affected people in Nunavut who remember the death of 20-year-old RCMP officer Doug Scott, who was shot in Kimmirut in November, 2007, while responding to a call.

Several officers from Nunavut will be among the RCMP attending today’s regimental funeral.

The mother of an RCMP officer from Arviat, Nunavut, says she was stunned and speechless when she heard about the incident.

“When our son first became an officer, I thought about it every day… the possibility,” says Dorothy Aglukark, whose son, David, is stationed in Iqaluit. “It has eased up somewhat, but it always comes back,  especially when there is a slaying of officers. You really feel it… it hurts.”

Aglukark says she does not understand why police officers are killed, when people rely on them in times of distress.

She says she'll be watching the funeral services and plans to wear red in honour of the slain officers.