The trial of a Yellowknife couple accused of growing marijuana in their trailer continues today.

Craig and Kim MacNearney are accused of growing and possessing marijuana in their Northlands trailer park home for the purpose of trafficking. Their trial began Monday.

On Tuesday, the jury heard from a police expert who went in depth on growing and selling practices of marijuana.

Answering questions from the prosecutor, RCMP marijuana expert Sergeant Lorne Adamwitz spoke about different indoor growing techniques, harvesting, processing and preservation of marijuana as well as selling prices.

Sergeant Adamwitz said the MacNearneys grew enough during the year before their arrest to supply two people enough to stay high for two years. He said he believes at least some of the marijuana being grown to be sold.

The MacNearneys' lawyer, Alison Crowe, said that since the bust, Kim MacNearney has received authorization to possess medical marijuana, and Craig MacNearney has been authorized to grow it.

Kim MacNearney has said publicly that she suffers from a spinal injury and needs the drug to treat pain.

Crowe says her clients intend to testify before the trial is over.

Growing marijuana is unusual in Yellowknife, where the cost of electricity is two to three times higher than it is in Edmonton.