Yellowknife's Dyan Bergen arrived at the Yukon Quest finish line in Fairbanks, Alaska, Friday at about 5:20 p.m. Alaska time.

Bergen, as the final musher to finish the 1,600 km sled dog race, wins the Red Lantern award. Her time was 13 days, six hours and three minutes.

Bergen said the trail had more hills and the weather was warmer than she and her dogs were used to.

Bergen was the first woman from the Northwest Territories to compete in the race but she said all that matters to her is that she made it to the finish line.

Allen Moore of Two Rivers, Alaska, won the race on Monday, with a time of eight days, 19 hours and 39 minutes.

The prize money is $100,000 US split among the top 15 finishers. The first place musher, Moore, will take home about $18,000 US.

Twenty-six mushers started this year's Yukon Quest in Whitehorse Feb. 2, and 20 finished. Five mushers dropped out of the race, including four-time Quest champion Lance Mackey.

Christina Traverse of Fort McMurray, Alta., was withdrawn for activating a Spot device requesting outside assistance.

The awards banquet will be held Saturday night in Fairbanks.