Yellowknife mothers donate breast milk to Edmonton mom

A group of Yellowknife mothers is coming together to send breast milk to an Edmonton mother. Ashley King cannot breastfeed her newborn baby girl because of the chemotherapy she is undergoing.

Ashley King cannot breastfeed because she is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer

A group of Yellowknife mothers is coming together to send breast milk to a mother in need in Edmonton.

Ashley King was diagnosed with cancer shortly after giving birth to her fourth child. She cannot breastfeed due to the chemotherapy she must undergo.

"It was something I really, really wanted to do for her. I was angry too, I think," said King.

When her baby girl Peytyn rejected formula, King was out of options. A family member posted a plea for donated breast milk on Facebook.

Ashley King, an Edmonton mother, was not able to breastfeed her newborn because she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. (CBC)

More than a dozen mothers in Yellowknife found the post and began pumping their own breast milk and shipping it south for King and baby Peytyn.

"It comes at perfect timing, so I'm happy and very thankful for them," said King.

Kari Turcotte is originally from Yellowknife but now calls Edmonton home. She also donates to Peytyn.

"My hometown is helping this baby survive - literally survive - she needs this milk," said Turcotte.

King was recently told she is cancer-free. Baby Peytyn will continue to rely on the kindness of strangers from the North as the chemo leaves her mother’s system.