A Yellowknife man pleaded guilty to nine charges this morning, including a crime spree which took place in August and September.

Shane Elanik, 35, admitted to stealing from six different businesses.

First, he was caught trying to steal a shopping cart full of meat at Extra Foods. Less than two weeks later, he was caught trying to take a TV out of a bag at Sears.

That same day, two women returned to the Super 8 motel and found their belongings strewn all over their room. Elanik had stolen one of their suitcases and a TV.

A couple of weeks later, in September, he stole a laptop from Acme Labs.

Three days after that, he hid out in a restricted supply room at Staples for six hours. When the store manager left for the night, he stole four laptop computers, worth nearly $2,000.

That same day, he was caught behind the register of the Monkey Tree Gas bar with a tire iron.

Elanik was also convicted of assault for choking and shaking his common-law partner in June.

He apologized to his victims and the court, saying he's there too much.

Elanik is originally from Sachs Harbour, N.W.T., and attended residential school growing up. He said he has a crack addiction, and steals to fuel the habit.

The Crown is asking for three years in prison, while the defense asked for 15 months in jail.

The judge will make his decision on Thursday.

Elanik has 56 prior convictions.