Yellowknifer Jaret Moshenko was back at home Saturday after his attempt to snowshoe 400 kilometres across Great Slave Lake ended one day after it started.

Moshenko left the city Friday, intending to trek from Yellowknife Bay to the Hearne Channel solo as a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society.

He came across numerous difficulties on his first day. As temperatures dipped into the -30s, his clothes froze solid, his GPS Spot unit stopped working and his propane heating device nearly exploded when he fired it up.

"When the pilot light lit, my boots, the propane bottle and the heater immediately caught on fire," Moshenko wrote on the Facebook page for the Hearne Channel Trek for Hope. "I punted the heater away from my tent and doused my feet in snow."

He attributes the fire to the cold contracting the rubber seal on the bottle, allowing fuel to leak.

He used his satellite phone to alert friends of his location and the day’s events. They took dry clothes and food to him via snowmobile and informed him the RCMP were urging he stop the trek as the weather was forecast to get even colder.

Moshenko stayed the night in his tent, but returned to Yellowknife with his friends Saturday morning when they went out to check on him again.

"I want to thank everyone for looking out for me and keeping me safe," he wrote. "I am sorry, I did the best I could. The weather is a beast in the winter here."

As of Wednesday, Moshenko had raised $3,400 for the cancer society.