Hockey player from Yellowknife hits the ice against Edmonton Oilers rookies tonight

'We will be prepared,' says Jacob Schofield, who's part of an all-star exhibition game at Rogers Place tonight.

'We will be prepared,' says Jacob Schofield

Jacob Schofield plays with the MacEwan Griffins. He'll suit up against the Edmonton Oilers rookies Wednesday night. (Submitted by Jacob Schofield)

A 22-year-old from Yellowknife will suit up against the Edmonton Oilers' rookie team tonight in front of upwards of 15,000 fans.

Jacob Schofield, who plays hockey for MacEwan University, is part of an all-star team that includes players from MacEwan and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

"I think it will get very heated," he told CBC ahead of the event. "Because there are a lot of players on that Oilers rookie team that are fighting for spots to make the NHL or to even get their name out there for a future chance to make the NHL."

Scofield is also hoping to turn some heads with his play.

He says whenever playing a high profile game, there are always thoughts of being noticed by a NHL scout.

Schofield's team won the 2016-2017 ACAC men's hockey championship. (Submitted by Jacob Schofield)

Schofield says his whole team will be ready, and expects a hard fought game.

"We will be prepared. And we are also ready and have the drive inside of us to give them a challenge and hopefully win the game."

The puck drops at 7 p.m. tonight.

Tune in to The Trailbreaker Thursday morning to hear how it all went.