Hailey Allingham, 7, is chopping her hair to support her aunt Mary Anne Digness, who has cancer. (Leila Beaudoin/CBC News )

When Hailey Allingham found out this summer her aunt Mary Anne Digness had cancer she decided to help by cutting her own hair, which she's been growing since she was five. 

"It's alright, it will grow back," said seven-year-old Hailey. 

November 1st Hailey will cut her hair in front of her school. She is donating her locks to the Canadian Cancer society so they can be used to make wigs for cancer patients. Her goal is to raise $5,000; so far she's raised more than $2,000.

Hailey's aunt was in Edmonton getting treatments for multiple myeloma when she got word of her niece's plan

"I was amazed, touched. I was very proud," she said.  

Digness had six months worth of chemo in a month because the cancer had spread quickly and was already in much of her body. 

"Very hard. It took a lot out of me." 

She says Hailey's kindness made the agony of chemo a little easier to bare

"That (she would) volunteer to cut her hair and do this fundraising to raise money for cancer, in my name, I was just astonished. Like really heart felt." 

But Hailey said cutting her hair for her aunt isn't a big deal

"Because I loved her and I care for her."