Yellowknife's food trucks are multiplying, making it hard for vendors to find a parking spot downtown along Franklin Avenue.

"Parking is the worst," says Sousanh Chanthalangsy, who runs One of a Thai, the longest operating food truck in the city. "I just circle the block until something opens up."

Some of the vendors would like to see the city help out.

"We were talking the other day, it would be nice if the city dedicated half a block to mobile food vendors. It would be great." says Murray Jones of Curbside Treats and Eats.

Jones adds the trucks aren't really in competition with one another, aside from the growing congestion.

"Everyone has a specialty," he says.

Mark Plouffe of Mark Co. agrees. 

"It attracts more people, and then when we're here, they have a variety of stuff to choose from," he says.

Because of the congestion, Yellowknife's newest food truck went a different route. Elena Rauch opened Starvin Marvin Bistro last week in the Kam Lake industrial area.

Rauch hopes her borscht and Russian-inspired sandwiches will win over customers who don't have time to go downtown.