Yellowknife couple on trial for growing marijuana

The trial of a Yellowknife couple accused of running a marijuana growing operation in their Northlands Trailer park home began Monday.

Kim and Craig MacNearney charged with producing and trafficking pot

The trial of a Yellowknife couple accused of running a marijuana growing operation began Monday.

A jury of 10 men and two women heard opening arguments in the case.

In what's known as an agreed statement of facts, Kim and Craig MacNearney admitted they cultivated marijuana in their Northlands Trailer park home. They also admitted that police found a text message on Craig MacNearney's phone from someone asking if he had any "Green Meds."

MacNearney texted that he wasn't home, but his wife could "hook up" the texter.

A child protection investigation led to the couple being charged with producing and possessing marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. A child protection worker received an anonymous tip that they were operating a grow-op in their home, where they were also raising two young children.

Police accompanied child protection workers to the house and discovered the grow operation. 

The lead RCMP investigator testified today that he and four other officers accompanied two child protection workers to the home to investigate. When they entered the single-wide trailer, police immediately smelled marijuana.

During a cursory search of the home they saw a big bag of it in the bathroom sink along with a pipe. They also noticed electrical wiring going to an area that appeared to be walled off from one room of the house.

After getting a search warrant later that day, police found just over a pound and a half of marijuana in a bag in a bathroom sink, along with 20 plants, growing equipment and records.

The RCMP investigator is the first of two witnesses the crown plans to call.

The MacNearneys, who are out on bail, were charged almost four years ago but pre-trial arguments and the death of the judge who first started hearing the case have delayed the trial until now.