Yellowknife cast member cuts off hair for role in 'Les Mis'

When April Hayward's character succombs to the "depths of her miserableness," she cuts off all her hair to sell it. Hayward decided she'd cut her 10-inch-long hair off too and donate it to Locks for Love.

April Hayward donates 10 inches of hair to the Locks for Love charity

A cast member for the upcoming musical in Yellowknife made a big move for her role in the play. 

April Hayward plays Fantine in Ptarmigan Ptheatrics' version of Les Misérables.

In the original musical, Fantine cuts off all her hair. Ever since Hayward first landed the role back in October, she and artistic director Roy Williams have discussed the haircut.

This week, Hayward decided to go for it. 

"I didn't have to," Hayward said. "It wasn't something that was required of me, but I often go back and forth between whether or not I'm going to cut my hair and I just decided this was a good reason to take the plunge and do it."

Since April Hayward (right) first landed the role in October, artistic director Roy Williams (left) and Hayward have discussed the possibility of Hayward cutting her hair for her role as Fantine in Les Misérables. (CBC)
Hayward will wear a long-haired wig throughout the beginning of her performance, before her character succumbs to the "depths of her miserableness." 

"Well, it's actually just before she hits rock bottom," Hayward says, explaining why her character cuts off her hair.

"She's absolutely desperate for money, she's been fired from her job, she has a child to support ... and so she sold all of her possessions and the last thing that she has to sell is her body and that starts with her hair and progresses."

The actress is donating her 10 inches of hair to Locks for Love, a charity that helps children who suffer from medical hair loss. 

Les Miserables is based in 19th-century France.

One of its main themes is the experience of redemption for several characters — including Hayward's. 

The musical hits the stage in Yellowknife on May 1st.