The City of Yellowknife has blocked off a contaminated area near the airport while it works on plans to clean it up.

For years large trucks used the area by Bristol Pit as a pit stop and fluids such as oil and gas seeped into the ground.


Yellowknife mayor Mark Heyck says there's interest city from potential developers to use the area near Bristol Pit once it's cleaned up.

Yellowknife mayor Mark Heyck says there's interest from potential developers to use that area.

"In the interim, boulders were placed around the perimeter to prevent any further contamination of the area," he said.

"We did leave an area open for vehicles to get to the airplane that's on display."

Heyck says a few years ago a developer wanted to set up a gas station and convenience store there but backed away because of the contamination.

The boulders are a temporary measure and will be removed as soon as the remediation is complete.

Heyck says it's in the early stages of planning and city council has yet to put out a request for proposals to do the work.