A man fell into icy waters while canoeing on Yellowknife Bay late Friday afternoon.

Yellowknife emergency responders, including officers with RCMP, ambulance, and the fire department blocked off a section of School Draw Avenue at the entrance for the Dettah ice road. 

Shawn Buckley, told CBC he is a friend of the man who fell into the water. Buckley said the man, a houseboater, told him he was in the water for five minutes before other houseboaters were able to reach him in a canoe and help him out.

Buckley said the man is now doing fine, but would not give his name.

Houseboaters on Yellowknife Bay commonly navigate the water between the shore and their homes by canoe. During the early winter freeze-up and spring thaw, this can be particularly challenging because of ice too thin to walk on but too thick to paddle through.

RCMP have not released any information.

Environment Canada reported an air temperature of about minus 7 degrees Celsius at 6 p.m. on Friday.

With files from Gabriela Panza-Beltrandi