Wayne Guy is proposing to put the micro-brewery pub at the government dock area in Old Town. (CBC)

A Yellowknife architect and businessman is proposing to build a micro-brewery pub in Old Town this summer.

Wayne Guy wants to transform the government dock, which was an unofficial storage area for old cars, canoes and other equipment until it was cleared out last year.

Guy said he isn't expecting much public opposition to the idea. He says it’s in an ideal spot.

"I think nested here within industrial — it won't really be considered obnoxious to adjacent tenancies. I think what will actually happen is it will be considered a wonderful shot in the arm for Old Town," he said.

Before anything can be done, city council must approve the proposal, and anyone can comment on it.

"They can submit them to the planning department, to the development officer or to myself, and as I said, they are certainly free to request to speak on the agenda. The agenda has not been made public but we do have the date set for May 6," said Jeff Humble, the city’s director of planning and lands.

At the same meeting, councillors will decide what improvements the city is going to make to the government dock this summer.

If the plan gets approved by the city, people will get another chance to have their say when the business applies for a liquor licence.