The Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce is asking the Yukon government to make the Workers Compensation Health and Safety Board lower its premiums to employers.

The chamber says the provincial board's assessment rates are double those that British Columbia charges for worker coverage, despite a steady drop in injury rates in the Yukon.

"Then why is it that we're still paying the highest rates by far — assessment rates — in the country?" chamber president Rick Karp told CBC News.

The chamber's has set up an online petition that on the territorial government to force the compensation board to reduce its costs, become more efficient and lower rates. It also demands that the Yukon "seek opportunities with larger jurisdictions to improve economies of scale."

Karp said he believes there are simply too few employers in the Yukon to support the compensation board's $25-million annual budget, adding if the board cannot cut its rates, it should get out of the business altogether, Karp added.

"It's not sustainable — from an employer's perspective — for that to continue," he said.

"It's time for the WCB to show leadership by financially coming to terms with themselves, then go to a larger jurisdiction and see how they can help us reduce costs even more. And if that means merging with a larger jurisdiction, so be it."

A total of 33 signatures have been recorded in the chamber's online petition as of midday Thursday.

There is no word on when the petition will be delivered to the Yukon legislature.