Construction is set to start this summer to replace the crumbling water and sewer pipes under Yellowknife's Northlands trailer park.

City council has approved RTL Robinson Enterprises to do the work.

"This is something that stretched back several councils going back well over a decade, and to finally be at this stage right now where we can move ahead with the actual work — it's big," said Yellowknife Mayor Mark Heyck.


Northlands residents will pay for the bulk of the project through additional fees over the next 25 years. (CBC)

"So I think Northlands residents are happy to see it happening and city council is happy to see it happening. We look forward to shovels going in the ground in the near future."

The pipes are the originals from when the property was first developed in the 1960s.

Heyck said the work is expected to take three years. It’s expected to cost close to $17 million, including tax.

About 1,100 people live in Northlands. They will pay for the bulk of the project over the next 25 years through a local improvement charge.

Heyck said the company will be responsible for any cost overruns.