A man from Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., shot a wolf on Wednesday night he says killed one of his grandson's dogs.

John Louison Sr. was looking after his grandson's two huskies Tuesday when he heard the dogs barking frantically.

He went outside and found one of them had been mauled to death.

"I have to admit I wanted to get it," he said of the wolf. "I wasn't happy with the wolf, although I got respect for the darn things."

Louison got permission from the RCMP to shoot any wolf that comes near his property. 

'I wasn't happy with the wolf, although I got respect for the darn things.' - John Louison Sr.

When he heard the dog barking again Wednesday night, he used his remote car starter to turn on his truck's headlights.

"And there it was," he said. "it was close enough. it was pretty fast but I got it, I shot at it and thank goodness I nailed him pretty good. What a relief. I didn't want it to get the other one, too."   

Louison said he's heard of many wolf sightings in his community and other cases where dogs have been killed.

He's hoping to collect $450 from the territorial government.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources pays $400 per wolf pelt and $50 per skull to encourage people to hunt wolves in an effort to increase caribou numbers in the territory.

This is the first year the government has asked for wolf skulls instead of carcasses. It says the skull provides valuable information about the age, gender and health of the animal.