A Yukon Human Rights panel has heard all the evidence in a sexual harassment hearing in Whitehorse.

Businessman Mark Hureau is accused of sexually harassing Devon Hanson. Hureau was the 18-year-old’s boss at Intersport sports store and her basketball coach on the 2010 Arctic Winter Games team.

At the hearing this week, Steven Mooney, a longtime friend of Hureau's and a referee at the games in Grand Prairie, Alta., testified that Hanson, who he'd also known for years, was "doting on Mark" and "near him a lot, instead of with the other girls."

Team chaperone Cheryl Keleher testified to similar behaviour on the part of Hanson. Keleher said she saw Hanson leaning on her coach's legs while they watched games from the bleachers.

Keleher described another incident in a post-game debrief when Hanson whipped off her shirt to expose her purple sports bra. Keleher said it made Hureau and everyone in the room uncomfortable.

When Hureau testified at the hearing, he called Hanson’s behaviour awkward.

"She made it look like she was my girlfriend," he said.

Hanson says that Hureau, who is 25 years older than her, sent her unwanted text messages and emails. Hanson testified that the messages became "weird and personal," and she quit her job as a result.

Hureau denies the allegations and says the texts were taken out of context.

Lawyers for both sides still have to make final written submissions to the Human Rights panel.