Newly-released police documents include accounts of the beating of Emerson Curran, an Ottawa man who died following a fight at a Yellowknife house party last summer.

Curran, 20, was medevaced to Edmonton but did not survive. 

Yellowknife resident Roman Bourque, 23, is charged with manslaughter in connection with the death.

The documents were used to obtain a search warrant, and the claims made in them have not been proven in court.

According to the documents, police say there were about 100 people at the Aug. 24 party at 106 Loutitt St. when they arrived shortly after midnight. Police who first saw Curran say there was a grey pallor to his face.

Police say that Bourque had already left the house when they arrived.

In the documents, police say they were told by witnesses that he left with friends right after he stopped punching Curran.

In the documents, police include two different witness accounts of the attack. One witness told police that Bourque punched Curran, knocking him out, and continued striking him once he was already on the ground. The document says the witness said Bourque bent over the unconscious man and punched him "really hard and really fast" eight to 10 times in the head.

According to the documents, police say a friend of Bourque's told police it was Curran who threw the first punch and said Bourque then punched him three or four times.

The friend told police Bourque "may have" hit Curran "a couple" of times while he was unconscious on the ground. 

Bourque is out on $15,000 bail awaiting his preliminary inquiry. He's due back in court later this month.