Wiretapped phone conversations used by police to take down a sophisticated Yellowknife drug network give a rare glimpse into the gang culture that comes with hard drug trafficking in the North.

Todd Dube, the 22-year-old once at the centre of the sophisticated drug ring, was sentenced to one of the territory's longest prison sentences for drug trafficking last week. 

Dube was sentenced nine years in prison for conspiring to traffic in cocaine, fentanyl, ecstasy and other drugs.

Dube, who grew up in Welland, Ont., was arrested in April 2016 after police spent months listening in on his cell phone conversations and reading his text messages.

The following audio clips were filed as exhibits during the trial.

WARNING: The audio contains strong, offensive language.

Dube had no idea he was being taped. In this recording, Dube offers $5,000 to a contact in Edmonton and his friends to put a suspected police informant in the hospital.

Here's Dube talking with an associate about the RCMP intercepting a shipment of cocaine and other drugs from Vancouver. 

In the next tape, Dube gives some advice to an associate on how to handle a woman the associate was prostituting out, and to "teach her a lesson."

In the following tape, Dube discusses the price of cocaine in Yellowknife.

With files from Richard Gleeson